To Pastures New or 'The Goose Girl'

To Pastures New or 'The Goose Girl'

1883 AD

Sir James Guthrie LLD

Oil Painting

Fine Art

To Pastures New is today considered to be one of the key pictures of the so-called 'Glasgow Boys', the group of young painters who, in the 1880s, were deeply influenced by French Realism, and chose to paint ‘real life’ scenes, often of ordinary working people.

The setting for this painting is Crowland, in the flat fenlands of Lincolnshire. In spite of the modest subject matter the ponderous birds and their herd-girl have, through the artist's handling of them, created something impressive, suggestive of a processional frieze. This impression is emphasised by the dominant horizontals, the proportions of the picture and the placing of the figures in the extreme foreground. Sir James Guthrie LLD PRSA, (born Greenock 1859-1930).