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Aberdeen Art Gallery - Murray Room

The Murray Room displays Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums collection of watercolours. The Murray Room is named after Sir James Murray who was an important figure in Aberdeen's artistic circle. He was a chairman of the Art Gallery Committee. He owned a large collection of paintings, including Benjamin Constant's Drying Clothes, La Falaise à Fécamp by Claude Monet and Giovanni Segantini's An Idyll.

Among the watercolours you can see here are views of Aberdeenshire through the seasons. From coastline views to Highland scenery, they show Scotland's very different landscapes.

Dunnottar Castle, 1984 - John Piper  © The Piper EstateThis painting by John Piper is of Dunnottar Castle and was painted in 1984. It is painted using watercolour, ink and crayon on paper. The painting uses rich jewel-like colours to present the vast impressive rock on which the ruin of Dunnottar stands.