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Many parts of Europe experienced revolutions in 1848.  These were to win ordinary people more equality and independence.  Victorian Britain was much more stable but art reflected the fear some people felt that revolution might come to Britain.

Across Europe different art styles emerged such as the Realist paintings from the Barbizon School in France in the 1870s and 1880s. These paintings showed the lives of ordinary people in ordinary situations.  

In Britain this realism became popular with young painters who turned their backs on the storytelling themes of Victorian art.  In place of classical heroes and Shakespearean heroines were working class heroes and heroines at work on the land or on the sea. 

To Pastures New, 1883 - Sir James Guthrie LLD PRSAThis painting by Sir James Guthrie LLD PRSA is called To Pastures New.  It is seen as one of the key pictures of the so-called 'Glasgow Boys'.  This group from the 1880s was deeply influenced by French Realism by Millet and Bastien-Lepage in particular. This painting was based on a scene in Crowland in Lincolnshire. To Pastures New has been painted like a frieze with a procession of the geese and girl.