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Aberdeen Art Gallery - Sculpure Court

Sculptures are artworks made in three-dimensions, which you can often walk around and view from different angles. Sculptures can be made from all sorts of materials such as stone, metals or plastic or even everyday objects. At Aberdeen Art Gallery you can see many varied sculptures. The sculptures span many centuries from Ancient Greek right up to the present day.

The famous British sculptor, Dame Barbara Hepworth, designed both the marble fountain in the middle of the Sculpture Court and the striking sculpture which sits in it. This bronze work is named Oval Form - Trezion (5) and was made in 1957. The sculptor wanted the sculpture to be placed asymmetrically to enhance its charm and ability to surprise and enchant the onlooker. She hoped the water sprinkling over the bronze would increase peoples’ sense of calm when looking at it.

Feedback Loop, 2003 - © Kenny HunterFeedback Loop
This sculpture by Kenny Hunter is called Feedback Loop. The sculpture shows a Japanese teenager from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo wearing enormous rounded platform shoes and wide trouser legs. She has the proportions of the now famous Japanese cartoon characters of Pokemon.