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Maritime Museum - Murchison Platform

From here you can see the top of the Murchison Platform model which reaches up from the reception area. The model is 1:33 scale and was used in designing the platform. 

The real Murchison lies 120 miles north east of Shetland and exported its first oil in 1980. Around 200 platforms have been installed since oil was discovered in the North Sea. Many offshore structures will become redundant over the next thirty years. Options for decommissioning include complete removal and disposal at sea. In 1995, Shell proposed to dispose of a floating storage column, Brent Spar, at sea. Following protests by the environmental group Greenpeace, the company chose another solution: recycling the hull as part of a quay. 

Conoco "Murchison" Oil Production Platform
Conoco This is a 1:33 scale model of the Conoco "Murchison" Oil Production Platform, which is located in the North Sea. Murchison is one of the UK's most northerly oil fields, situated 120 miles north east of Shetland. Oil production began in 1980. The upper part of the model, known as the topsides, was built by Murchison's operators, Conoco, in the late 1970s. It was an engineering model, used to help design the platform. Half of the model retains this appearance while the other part has been altered to look as the platform does offshore. The lower section, or jacket, was built by Donald Smith Modelmakers in 1995. This gives an impression of the platform's full extent from the seabed upwards.