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The schooner Scottish Maid, built by Alexander Hall & Co. in 1839, was the earliest vessel with the raked stem which became known as the 'Aberdeen bow'. This design was soon copied by other builders. Scottish Maid was intended for the Aberdeen-London trade, where speed was crucial, in order to compete with steamships. Hall & Co. started to build the vessel along traditional lines but suggested to the owners that she should have a raked bow. American schooners with long low hulls and raked stems were already well known for their fast sailing.

Other famous clipper ships included Stornoway, built by Alexander Hall & Co., in 1850 for the tea trade and Duthie vessels such as John Duthie and Abergeldie. These sailed to Australia with emigrants and returned with wool.

Model of First Aberdeen Clipper, The Schooner Scottish Maid, 1996Model of First Aberdeen Clipper, The Schooner Scottish Maid, 1996