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Provost Skene's House - The Great Hall

The Great Hall recreates the ambience of 17th century banquet. Here the Provost would eat by candle light, seated on benches at the heavy oak table. The room contains much decoration.

The plaster ceiling design incorporates the thistle, to stand for Scotland, the rose of England and the French fleur-de-lys and dates to 1676. Carved in wood above the original 17th century fireplace is Provost Skene’s coat of arms. A portrait of Skene also hangs in the room.

Provost Skene’s Coat of Arms
The coat of arms comprises three skeins, or dirks, each having a wolf's head on their points, flanked on either side by the initials G and S. These armorial bearings are derived from an incident in Skene's earlier life, when he is said to have killed a wolf in the Stocket Forest that was threatening the life of the King.