Copy Cats Slot

Copy Cats – A Slot on Catnip

“Man the copy machine! There are cats to be replicated and profits to be made.” – If someone uttered those words in your presence, you would probably start Googling the number of the closest mental institution. However, before you dial the hotline, ask the person if they recently had luck with NetEnt’s Copy Cats slot.

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The light-hearted nature and good profit potential of this 2017 game have attracted a cult following. If you’re intrigued, grab a furry friend and read up. This review has a full feature breakdown and a demo mode you can play at all times. We’ve also gathered tasty casino offers that will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Features of the Copy Cats Online Slot

At first glance, you might think that there’s nothing special about Copy Cats. The title has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 fixed bet lines that pay from left to right. Most video slots of today share this ubiquitous layout.

Many of the features of the Copy Cats slot game are also familiar. Wilds can substitute any regular symbol to help create winning combinations. Scatters in the shape of a cat bell can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. By landing three of them, you enter a bonanza mode with 10 free spins. You can even get more complimentary games while inside the bonus stage.

What makes this kitty purr is the Copy Cats functionality. The top 3 pay symbols and the Wild are in the shape of different cats. When reel 1 becomes stacked (you get 3 identical pussycats on it), all other feline tokens in your spin turn into the symbol on the stacked reel. This functionality has huge combo wins potential.

Copy Cat Slot: Review of Theme and Graphics

If you don’t know much about the Copy Cats slot, its punny moniker can send your mind into several different directions. However, the game is very much about the Internet’s favorite animal.

The setting is cartoony and cute. It almost makes you feel like you’re watching a certain Hanna-Barbera animation from the 1960s. The background is littered with the windows and rooftops of many colorful houses, a perfect environment for some feline mischief.

The stars of the show occupy the center of the screen. You’ll see kitties in four different colors appear on the reels. A golden kitten that hides behind a ball of yarn represents the Wild in Copy Cats. The slots symbols continue with a red tomcat, a pink pussy with an innocent gaze, and a cranky little blue rascal. At the bottom of the paytable sit a mouse toy, a milk bottle, fish bones, and paws in four different colors. As you might expect from a NetEnt product, the quality of the graphics and soundtrack is top-notch.

Slot Profile:

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A Quick How-To-Play Tutorial

Not sure where to start with this game? Fret not, our new player guide has you covered. Your area of interaction is at the bottom of the screen. This is valid for Copy Cats and slot games made by NetEnt and most other developers.

Before you start spinning, you should adjust the “Coin Value” and “Level” radio buttons to configure the size of your bet. Pressing the “i” button at the lower-left corner is also a good idea, as there you can see the paytable, bet line layouts, and read about the features. The paylines are fixed, so you won’t need to play with bigger bets to unlock bonus games.

After your initial setup, feel free to press the big circular button to spin the reels of the Copy Cats online slot. You can do it manually or click on “Autoplay” to have the game play on its own for a certain number of spins. Don’t forget to check out the “Advanced settings” subsection if you want “Autoplay” to stop in certain conditions.

“Max Bet” is another big button that you’ll notice. It will increase your wager to the maximum level while keeping the same coin value. We don’t mess with it too much, as the other buttons allow for finer adjustments. Lastly, there are general settings, sound options, and a “Help” page beneath the “i” icon.

Try Copy Cats for Free! Slot Demo Mode Available Here

Not ready to sink your paws into the real thing? You can find a demo mode of the game in our Copy Cats slot review. NetEnt and other top software developers have provided us with trial versions that you can play at all times. You don’t need to put down any money or download apps on your device, just press the “Play” button.

The Endorsements

The Best Places to Play for Real Money

NetEnt games are typically widespread, but Copy Cats is a bit of a boutique offering. A good number of venues that offer slots from the Swedish developer don’t have the title in their library. Still, we did the legwork and located licensed gaming sites with excellent promotions. See the below table for the best operators in Europe, Canada, and the UK.

Table with the Top 5 casinos offering the game.

Casino Bonus Free Spins
888Casino $200/€1,500/£100 N/A
Mr Green $1,200/€100/£100 200
NetBet €200/$200/£200 10
777Casino €200/$200/£200 77
bgo $300/£200 10

Copy Cats Slot: Game RTP and Payouts

The colorful kitties of the Copy Cats slot are quite easy on your pockets. The Return To Player (RTP) rate of this title is 96.76%, which is higher than the industry average. Winning spins occur frequently, but there’s a good number of “consolation” hits where the reward is lower or equal to your bet.

When you look at the paytable, you’ll notice that the values are somewhat low. The “regular” jackpot is worth 200 coins, and you get it for aligning 5 red cats on a winning payline. The bottom 4 symbols have identical payouts. This is a clear indication of a low variance/risk slot. However, the potential for big wins in the Copy Cats online slot is there thanks to the special replication feature. Spins with multiple winning bet lines are a common sight here.

Tips for a Purr-tastic Playing Session

The mild variance, frequent payouts, and bonus features of this title make it suitable for both new players and slot veterans. Obviously, you’ll like it if you’re a cat person, too. Copy Cats is a game of pure chance, so there’s not much you can do in terms of strategizing.

One thing you can influence is how you spread your bankroll. You don’t want to blow your budget on 5 spins. Make sure that you can bet at least 50 times per session to have a good chance of triggering the bonus functionalities. If the Copy Cats slot game seems a bit too safe, check out our slot recommendations below. They have different themes and higher risk/reward ratios.

The Copy Cats Slot Game on Mobile

You don’t need to be glued to a computer to enjoy Copy Cats. The slot has a dedicated version that is perfectly optimized for portable devices like Android and iOS phones and tablets. The mobile-friendly adaptation is almost indistinguishable from the original, boasting the same functionalities, visuals, and soundtrack.

The only difference you’ll notice is the positioning of the settings. The spin button is relocated on the right section of the screen so you can easily reach it while in landscape mode. It incorporates autoplay and quick spin. Meanwhile, the other options are hidden inside a hamburger menu.