The Introduction

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" We are Aaron and Mark , and we want to let you in on a secret - the house does not always win! Whoa, that might seem like a lot! Given that many people shun slots for fear of losing money, this news is highly encouraging. You might be wondering, ‘how can this be? After all, almost every other person is shell sure that the house always has the advantage.’ You are right about the advantage. Of course, without this edge, the casino would not be in business. Even so, the house does not always win. It might win more than you can, but there will always be a chance that you can multiply your stake! Do you want more good news? We know how you can cash in on this slightly increased chance of winning! "
The Strategies

What Makes Our Strategies Unique?

Slot Machine

Have you ever tried playing slots? If you have, you know that it can get boring by the tenth spin, especially if you have not won. Playing the same slot over and over can have you so bored that you can even leave the game. So, a strategy makes it easier to focus on the game.

Casinos should always boast random slot machines. But not all casino operators play by the rules. Some can tweak their machines even if it’s against the rules, doing away with fair play and putting you at a disadvantage. Can we do anything about it? Sure! We can avoid such casinos. We will review the top casinos with fair play and outline what you can expect from each option. You will no longer have to question if you’re losing or if the house is working against you. We will also get into how you, too, can review slot games and casinos to help you research your options with ease.

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The first thing that becomes immediately apparent once you log onto this online casino is the clear emphasis placed on graphics and colors. People are more likely to continue playing games that don’t bore them, and this site has handled this need for graphical entertainment superbly.

Royal Panda Casino Logo

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda launched in 2014 offering players an unparalleled level of online casino entertainment, user-friendliness and customer appreciation are two main priorities as the owners strive to treat gambling fans to a top-class experience.

Copy Cats Slot Logo

Copy Cats Slot

The light-hearted nature and good profit potential of this 2017 game have attracted a cult following. If you’re intrigued, grab a furry friend and read up. This review has a full feature breakdown and a demo mode you can play at all times.

Spin Palace Casino Logo

Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino is a veteran of the iGaming industry. This operator has been captivating players for almost two decades by procuring hot entertainment releases and combining them with attractive promotions. In 2017, the Palace went through a complete aesthetic overhaul.

JackPot Friuty Casino Logo

JackPot Fruity Casino

Jackpot Fruity online casino was established sometime in November of 2017. Operated by the famous 888 UK Limited company, Jackpot Fruity is part of a much larger casino family, known for offering the best and latest when it comes to games, bonuses, and casino features.