The Presentation

Who are we?

We are Aaron and Mark, and we want to let you in on a secret - The house does not always win! Whoa, that might seem like a lot! Given that many people shun slots for fear of losing money, this news is highly encouraging. You might be wondering, ‘how can this be? After all, almost every other person is shell sure that the house always has the advantage.’ You are right about the advantage. Of course, without this edge, the casino would not be in business. Even so, the house does not always win. It might win more than you can, but there will always be a chance that you can multiply your stake! Do you want more good news? We know how you can cash in on this slightly increased chance of winning!

What Are Slot Machines?

Before playing online slot games, we used to play in physical casinos. You know the kind - where you insert a coin, play the game, lose, bang on the machine, and fumble in your pocket for another coin. Then, the lights go off, you hold your breath, lose again, swear, and knock on the machine. It was a fun and sweat-inducing experience. Even now, as we write this, we can almost remember the feel of sweaty clothes clinging to our skin as we hoped that the next spin would result in us getting our money back.

The physical slot machines still exist- standing tall with spinning reels going wild inside them. But now, you even have the online ones, which operate just like the physical ones. They all feature random symbols at the start. The gameplay is quite simple. You choose how much money you want to wager, click on start, and hope that the symbols will align to help you cash out a big win. Of course, the gameplays are not all the same. Some require you to match three symbols, others require you to create a pattern, and others even use a combination. But you get the idea.

Slot Machine Picture

Depending on the number of symbols you match, you can lose, get a payout, or even win the jackpot!

Can You Win in Slots?

Sure, you can! Back in the day, it was easy to calculate your winning chances on slot machines. Of course, back then, the machines had three spinning wheels with ten symbols on each. So, your odds of getting a symbol were as simple as one in ten spins. Easy! Of course , the chances of matching three symbols were relatively low and amounted to one in a thousand spins. But of course, this made things much easier for punters. One could look at the jackpot, understand how many games they had to play to get it and invest their time playing it.

The Strategies

What Makes Our Strategies Unique?

Have you ever tried playing slots? If you have, you know that it can get boring by the tenth spin, especially if you have not won. Playing the same slot over and over can have you so bored that you can even leave the game. So, a strategy makes it easier to focus on the game. We teach you:

How To Play Slot Games?

Are you a beginner who is yet to try their hand at slot machines? We’ve got you! Not only will we break down the various types of symbols, but we will also teach you how the multipliers work.

How To Assess Payouts?

While we cannot guarantee you a win, we will show you how the return to player percentage affects your total winnings.

The Key Slot Strategies.

Slot machines also have vital strategies, and if you can master these, you can increase your chances of winning. How? Slot machines are random, thanks to the random number generators. So, neither you nor the casino operator knows what symbol will come up next. Even so, there are a few key strategies that can help you maximize your wager. While old strategies may no longer work, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

The Top Online Casinos

We will review the top casinos with fair play and outline what you can expect from each option. You will no longer have to question if you’re losing or if the house is working against you. We will also get into how you, too, can review slot games and casinos to help you research your options with ease.